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Gateways to the Stars
Other worlds
Wolf Who Rules by Wen Spencer 
6th-Aug-2007 07:46 pm
Live long & prosper
A long, long time (a couple months) ago I posted about the book Tinker by Wen Spencer in this community. Wolf Who Rules is the sequel to that book and was more impressive than the first book.
It's another series in my growing list of books combining the Fantasy/Scinece Fiction realms where magic and technology meet in the same book. This one, like the Piers Anthony series, has the main character knowledgable in the ways of technology and magic while in other series, like David B. Coe's LonTobyn Chronicles the two sides are at war with each other.

From the dust jacket:
Wolf Who Rules finds himself besieged from all sides in this sequel to Tinker.
Viceroy and head of the Wind Clan, he had been able to guarantee the safety of everyone in his realm, but faced with an invasion of dragons, he has had to call in the royal troops and relinquish his monopoly of Pittsburgh, which is stranded on Elfhome. He now struggles to keep the peace between the humans, the newly arrived Stone Clan, the royal forces, a set of oni dragons, the half-oni children who see themselves as human, and the tengu trying to escape their oni enslavement.
Meanwhile, Tinker, pretty adolescent, mechanical genius, and lover of an elflord under seige, strives to solve the mystery of a growing discontinuity in Turtle Creek. She's plagued with unexplicable nightmares that may hold the keys to Pittsburgh's future. Her only hope, a five word message: Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Oh my!
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