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Gateways to the Stars
Other worlds
Tinker by Wen Spencer 
27th-May-2007 06:02 pm
No way
Once every 28 days for twenty-four hours the city of Pittsburgh finds itself back on Earth, the rest of the time it resides on the planet Elfhome where magic flourishes and elves are real. Tinker owns her own salvage yard, making a nice living selling used parts and inventing things to make life easier on nontechnological Elfhome. Minutes before Shutdown, when Pittsburgh will once again be back on Earth, an Elf is chased into Tinker's scrapyard by a nasty pack of wargs. Tinker manages to rescue him from the wargs but finds herself on Earth with the elf badly injured and unable to use magic to heal himself.
It was a pretty good book though way too graphic in the sex scenes for me.
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