In Fury Born by David Weber

Vengeance is a dish served Red Hot
From the time she graduated from high school, Alicia DeVries knew what she wanted to do with her life, and she did it well. On planets like Gyangste, Chengchou, Fuller, and Louvain, she's put her life on the line in defense of her Empire and Emperor again and again. She's given her blood, and the lives of men and women closer to her than brothers and sisters.
But her dead have been betrayed in the name of political expediency. The justice they deserve has been denied, and a brokenhearted Alicia DeVries has resigned her commission and retired to the colony world of Mathison with her family to begin a new life.
Yet Alicia is still a warrior, and the pirates who attacked Mathison, tortured and murdered her family, and left her for dead, are about to discover just how big a mistake they made. Alicia DeVries has two allies of her own. Allies no one knows about. Allies as implacable as she is: a self-aware computer, and a creature from the mists of Old Earth's most ancient legends.
They may not survive...but neither will their enemies.
Contains a revised and expanded version of Path of the Fury, and its novel-length prequel!

Another great book (or books) by David Weber. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The Apocalypse Troll by David Weber

There he was in his sailboat in the middle of the Atlantic, all alone and loving it. Well, there was a US Navy carrier group on his southern horizon, but he was a Navy guy himself, so he didn't mind. Then came the UFOs, hurtling in front he Outer Black to overfly the carriers at Mach 17. Their impossible aerobatics were bad enough - but then they started shooting at each other. And at the Navy. With nukes. Little ones at first, but winding up with a 500 megatonner at 90 miles that fried every piece of electronics within line-of-sight.
Richard Aston thought he was just a ringside observer to these over-the-horizon events. Until the crippled alien lifeboat came drifting down and homed in on his sailboat; suddenly he has his hands full of an unconscious, critically wounded and impossibly human alien warrior who also happens to be a gorgeous female.
That's when things got interesting.

The High King's Tomb by Kristen Britain

I spent most of yesterday reading the latest sequel in this fantasy series and I was not disappointed by the long wait for the book. Karigan is off on another mission for the king, searching for an old book describing the making of the magical D'Yer Wall which is slowly crumbling against the evil powers of Monhaven the Black. She is not the only one searching for this magical tome and followers of the Second Empire may just find it first.
Rogue Angel

Rifkind's Challenge by Lynn Abbey

It's been a long time since I read a classic sword and sorcery book and no matter what the front cover of this books says, this wasn't it. She was in two sword fights and one was sparring with her son to show him that though he's the best in the tribe, he's not as good as he thinks he is.
Although in reading it I found out that this is the third book in a series and the first two sound like the sword and sorcery books I enjoy reading. However, they're out of print and I know the endings! It was an okay book and I'd say a good follow up if you've read the first two books in the series. I liked the heroine and if I happen to run across the first two books I'll pick them up.

Thin Air by Rachel Caine

This is the 6th book in Rachel Caine's Weather Warden series. This book finishes off the story in the second set of trilogies this series is so far comprised of and sets up nicely for the start of another trilogy.
Weather Wardens help control the weather; calming storms, fighting wildfires, and bringing rain to arid farmlands. Good books but you'll want to start with Ill Wind, the first book in the series. Joanne Baldwin is a Weather Warden who finds herself in trouble with the Council of Wardens when it appears that she killed a senior warden.

Blue Adept by Piers Anthony

This is the second book in the Apprentice Adept series.
The story was good but it had a very abrupt ending. Sorta like the battle's over and that's it. No clean up or follow through of other characters; just that's all, folks!
The cover of this book gave away the identity of who his enemy was which was a bit of a letdown. Stile's is still trying to figure out who's trying to kill him and I'm speed browsing through pages of his search 'til he gets a clue!
Live long & prosper

Wolf Who Rules by Wen Spencer

A long, long time (a couple months) ago I posted about the book Tinker by Wen Spencer in this community. Wolf Who Rules is the sequel to that book and was more impressive than the first book.
It's another series in my growing list of books combining the Fantasy/Scinece Fiction realms where magic and technology meet in the same book. This one, like the Piers Anthony series, has the main character knowledgable in the ways of technology and magic while in other series, like David B. Coe's LonTobyn Chronicles the two sides are at war with each other.

From the dust jacket:
Wolf Who Rules finds himself besieged from all sides in this sequel to Tinker.
Viceroy and head of the Wind Clan, he had been able to guarantee the safety of everyone in his realm, but faced with an invasion of dragons, he has had to call in the royal troops and relinquish his monopoly of Pittsburgh, which is stranded on Elfhome. He now struggles to keep the peace between the humans, the newly arrived Stone Clan, the royal forces, a set of oni dragons, the half-oni children who see themselves as human, and the tengu trying to escape their oni enslavement.
Meanwhile, Tinker, pretty adolescent, mechanical genius, and lover of an elflord under seige, strives to solve the mystery of a growing discontinuity in Turtle Creek. She's plagued with unexplicable nightmares that may hold the keys to Pittsburgh's future. Her only hope, a five word message: Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Oh my!